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Proportional Divider

You’ll find the Thickbrush proportional divider to be an excellent teaching aid for training you to judge distances and proportions clearly. There will be an immediate and noticeable improvement in the quality and precision of your drawing. This simple and affordable tool will prove to be greatly instructive and will enable you to make realistic drawings in record time.
If you want a drawing tool that delivers accuracy and precision, is easy to use, light-weight and portable, then you need the Thickbrush proportional divider which has been especially designed for artists.

drawing tool

Throughout history, the greatest artists have all relied on useful tools for painting without sacrificing any of their creative abilities. A good example would be Albrecht Durer, whose masterful paintings benefited greatly from his use of the proportional divider and other devices.

It will identify and help to correct any errors in your drawing.

It will help you develop powers of observation essential to all artists.

It is based on an ancient design utilized by all of the great masters of painting.

It eliminates the need for grids, projectors and other devices.