Proportional Divider

tool for proportions and scales

proportional divider closed


To obtain the desiredscale divider pivot clip
measurement scale, position
the pivot pin/clip into
the corresponding hole.




Hold the dividerhow to hold a proportional divider correctly
at arms length
perpendicular to your
line of sight.







With the small end of thedistance proporional divider
divider (A) measure the
object to be drawn.
Transfer the proportional
measurement of the object
from the large end (B) to
a drawing surface.


Download  instructions pdf



The end points of the Thickbrush Proportional Divider are delicate and precise. Always store and transport the tool in the protective, plastic tube. Protect the points from damage by using the original styrofoam material supplied.
Should the tips get damaged, simply cut them to the same equal length and restore the ends to a sharp point with the use of a fine file or sandpaper. The function of the tool will not be affected.

how to fix the points

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